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Sánchez asks for “tranquility” from La Palma and Internet users respond: “Now they are really screwed”

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, who postponed a trip to New York to go to The Palm (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), is in the area to see first-hand the evolution of the volcanic eruption on the island. “There are enough troops to face any contingency,” said Sánchez with the intention of conveying a message of tranquility to the citizens of La Palma. Internet users have taken a joke at the presence of a Sánchez desperate to rise in the polls by stepping on the street and showing solidarity with the neighbors.

The mockery has fallen on Sánchez for his clothing – “this one comes dressed as if he were going to camp” – as the posture and mark of the character’s house when greeting the authorities in the area. It must be remembered that he was unable to interrupt his vacations in the face of an international crisis such as Afghanistan, but now, advised by his chief of staff, Óscar López, he does not miss the opportunity to take a photo in which he is compromised with the people.

Sánchez has indicated that the Canary Islands institutions and the Government of Spain have collaborated in “an exercise of anticipation” for what “could occur” and have also transmitted “public information to the public to raise awareness” about the eruption.

The president has highlighted the contribution of science because, in his opinion, “once again” the civil protection system has been able to guarantee “a response” and has been able to anticipate as happened in other phenomena such as ‘Filomena’. Sánchez has also assured that he has spoken with King Felipe VI throughout the day and after the committee meeting to give him “first-hand information on what the state of affairs is.”

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