Sánchez starts a brief appointment with Biden in Brussels after 5 months without a single contact

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Joe Biden was invested as the new president of the USA on January 20, 2021. Almost five months have passed and the democrat has not had a moment to have a brief conversation with the president of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, something that it has done with other European leaders.

In fact, the contempt of Biden a Sánchez It was such that as soon as he came to power he called all the leaders of the G-20 less to Spanish. Now, the American has started his first international tour, with the United Kingdom as his first destination, and, of course, he did not plan to meet with our president.

Today we know that, finally, the Government of Spain has managed to ‘start’ the US government a brief meeting with the successor of Donald Trump. After some intense conversations between Ivan Redondo, Chief of the Cabinet of the Presidency of Sánchez, and counterpart Ronald Klain, Sánchez will meet Biden on Monday at Brussels, as La Sexta has advanced.

Without being on the agenda because it was not part of Biden’s plans, the Government of USA The meeting with Sánchez could not be denied because they will coincide on Monday in Brussels on a new summit of the OTAN. The duration of the meeting is unknown, but it is expected to be short.

The meeting will take place at a very tense moment in relations between Spain and the United States due to the crisis that the Government of Pedro Sanchez has created with Morocco. USA openly recognizes Morocco’s sovereignty over the Occidental Sahara while Spain is not only silent, but also welcomes the leader of the Polisario Front to care for you in a hospital.

With this little encounter, USA keeps his word. Just a month ago American Administration He said that they would speak to Sánchez “when circumstances permit,” and the right moment may be this meeting that he was going to attend and that will take little time from Biden.

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