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Sánchez will give the final blow to Carmen Calvo in the PSOE Congress: she will not be president of the party

It seemed untouchable. When it came to reshaping the Government, before the summer, few dared to say that Carmen Calvo would be one of those affected. And on his way out, which caught him by surprise, the former vice president of the Government left with the promise from Pedro Sanchez that she was going to be rewarded in some way. Most likely, with the presidency of the PSOE, a symbolic organic position, but with media exposure and with some influence. But Like so many promises from Sánchez, this one will not come true either.

Despite having kept a low profile, without criticizing a dismissal that he communicated after telling Felix Bolaños that would replace her, and to continue defending tooth and nail the policies of the parliamentary group of which she is still part of the social gathering of the Chain Ser, for which he has signed after leaving La Moncloa, the president prepares the final lunge for what was his right hand leaving her out of the game of everything. With Sánchez, loyalty is not a value to take into account. And now many are discovering it.

There are many doubts that Calvo will have any role in the reduced leadership of the PSOE that the secretary general prepares after the federal congress to be held in October in Valencia. At least one relevant role. In the best of cases, one of the women who concentrated more power in recent years, would have some residual position so as not to strip her of absolutely everything. Something similar to the Ministry of Equality that he currently holds, although it seems difficult for him to remain in that same position due to the tensions created with various trans groups. If in the end they give him something, it will be for that of maintaining honorability, from whom everything has been in the Socialist Party but still does not want to retire completely.

Carmen Calvo, who after leaving the Executive announced that she would remain as a deputy in Congress, at the moment she is a lower level deputy, sitting in the third row of the socialist bench that goes to gatherings. When Sánchez threw her from his side, he also thought about appointing her president of a parliamentary commission, a habitual departure from many former ministers. She would like to head the Equality Commission, a position that has become vacant after the departure of Pilar Cancela to assume the Secretary of State for International Cooperation. From there, Calvo would manage to tie up one of his main political rivals, the Minister of Equality. Irene Montero, and that works against him if Sánchez does not want to bother his partners.

The leadership of the new socialist group in the lower house, which now pilots Hector Gomez and Rafi Crespín, Together with Ferraz, they are looking for a worthy exit for the former vice president until the end of the legislature, when the safest thing is that he will not repeat in the PSOE lists. To her, as she has manifested in her closest circles, would you like to be mayor of Córdoba, your natal city. The president could end up rewarding her by imposing his name as mayor.

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