Sánchez’s ‘amnesia’: he forgets his pacts with ERC and Bildu and asks to comply with the Constitution from “pe to pa”

Pedro Sanchez has bypassed its alliances with separatists and pro-ETA members to make this Monday an appeal to “to care” the Constitution of 1978 complying “From step to step” all articles “first to last”.

The socialist president has spoken like this in a statement in Congress, without questions, minutes before attending the institutional ceremony with which the 43rd birthday of the Magna Carta is celebrated.

Sánchez has also taken the opportunity to vindicate what the Constitution brought “after an infamous time”, everyone that lasted, has highlighted, the “very long dictatorship” of Francisco Franco, and also the work of the “millions of compatriots, parents, mothers, grandparents and grandmothers who made it possible.

Thus, he has indicated that the Magna Carta brought “rights and freedoms, where there was a dictatorship; harmony and coexistence, where before there was hatred and tyranny; and belonging to the European Union where before there was ostracism and isolation.

In his opinion, all that “cost a lot” and, for that reason, he considers that the generations that now take up the witness of all that effort that bore fruit in the Magna Carta have to dedicate theirs to “taking care of it.”

Suicidal revisionism

For his part, the leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has warned of the “suicidal revisionism” undertaken by the PSOE and Podemos government with measures such as pardons for those convicted of the illegal referendum in Catalonia or the whitewashing of Bildu, already converted in preferred ally for Sánchez.

Casado has also asserted that Sánchez is the one who “has attacked” the Magna Carta the most in the last 40 years and has claimed that “the Spanish Constitution is not the problem” but “the solution to all the problems” that Spain now has of ” national unity, of international prestige, judicial independence and institutional strengthening ”. Leader popular He recalled that its parents have already made it clear that Spain is “a democratic, social and lawful state.”

Casado has denounced the granting of pardons to those sentenced for giving a blow to the Constitution in order to achieve “their impunity in exchange for a few votes to stay in power” and has described as a “critical moment for the history of Spain” that Bildu be a priority partner of the Government. Likewise, he has shown his concern at the “revisionism of the Transition” that is being carried out, even putting the Amnesty Law in “check”.

For this reason, he has demanded that the Executive “maintain the positions that were reached thanks to a broad consensus of society and deny what its partners say.” “We grandchildren must not undo the hug that our grandparents gave each other,” he added.

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