Sandra Oh on her possible return to Grey’s Anatomy and present in The Chair

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Sandra Oh personified Cristina Yang | on Grey’s Anatomy, the friend and confidant of Meredith during the show’s first five years, where fans of the show developed a very special bond with the character. The Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital served as the stage for conversations, tears, joys, and all the emotions that one can imagine that Cristina Yang | shared during his time in the most successful medical drama.

Currently, the followers of Grey’s Anatomy are waiting for the premiere of the eighteenth season and with the return of the characters, the public wonders again if Cristina Yang | will return to the show in this next batch of episodes. The great friend of Meredith is stuck in the hearts of fans who ask the same question year after year: “Is Cristina coming back?”

¿Vuelve Cristina Yang a Grey’s Anatomy?

Reality indicates that Sandra Oh remained active after leaving Grey’s Anatomy and currently just released The Chair, a comedy by the streaming giant Netflix. On the show, she brings to life Ji-Yoon Kim, the new head of the literature department of a fictional university. She will be the first woman to occupy this momentous role. The show’s description marks it as a satire of the contemporary academic world.

Regarding his possible return as Cristina Yang |, the interpreter does not seem very convinced about it: “It’s a moment from my past. I fully understand the deep relationship that people have with Cristina. Do you know what I mean? I was talking about how, during the pandemic, I think a lot of people saw again. Grey’s Anatomy because he is a great friend. It’s a privilege to have been on a show like that “Sandra expressed.

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Surely fans of the medical drama par excellence will receive this news with some sadness and nostalgia typical of that relationship they had with a character who accompanied them for many seasons. No doubt, Cristina Yang | it was special, both on and off the show. But Sandra Oh turned that page of her professional life.

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