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Sara Carbonero’s Heartfelt Reunion with Valeria Castro: A Singer’s Support during her Darkest Hour

Last November, Sara Carbonero faced one of the most complicated moments of her life after undergoing emergency surgery after a medical check-up.

The presenter then had to remain hospitalized for a few days at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra (Madrid) while she recovered, during which time she had different fundamental supports such as her family, her friends -in the case of Isabel Jiménez- or her partner Nacho Taboada.

Sara Carbonero, the queen of festivals with the most ‘chic’ look of the week: jeans and espadrilles

In addition, music was a great balm for her during that convalescence that seemed eternal, a voice that accompanied her and made the long days more bearable in which she was hospitalized until she was discharged. That woman is none other than Valeria Castro, the singer of whom Sara is not only a great admirer but also considered friends.

The Canarian singer performed on Friday in the capital of Spain and, as expected, the journalist from Toledo did not want to miss the appointment as she has done on other occasions.

“Ready for one of the best concerts of my life”, said the communicator on the way to the recital that took place in the so-called Botanical Nights, “my favorite festival”, she added.

Once the music began to play, the presenter admitted that she had “goosebumps” listening to Valeria Castro and her song Guerrera: “That song will always be my weakness.”

He spared no praise when pointing out that the protagonist was “singing from the lungs and without a microphone”, which is why she saw her “girl” as “huge and powerful” with that “band luxury”. There were also compliments for Silvana Estrada, the Mexican singer who also took the stage that same afternoon and who was “sublime, magical and moving” for Sara Carbonero.

To close, both artists sang a duet and this is how the journalist described it: “The two queens as the culmination. Women in power.”

About the concert, Valeria herself recognized a day later that “I’m still assimilating that it was something real”, thanking all the people who made it possible, “those who take care of me and cover me on and off stage”, he pointed with emotion. “Having this team is a true dream”, she declared after an evening that she will hardly forget.

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