Sara Evans filed for divorce months before Jay Barker tried to run her over

Former football player Harry Jay Barker was arrested early Saturday in Nashville for allegedly trying to ram the car in which his wife, country star Sara Evans, was traveling. The 49-year-old retired athlete was released a few hours later on $10,000 bail and faces a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon, according to his arrest report.

It has now come to light that Sara filed for divorce in August last year citing “irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital behavior,” although the prenuptial agreement they both signed before getting married in 2008 specifies that the reasons for a hypothetical separation should be kept private whenever possible, so no further details are known about it.

On the Instagram account of his radio show for the station 100.9 FM. Titled ‘The Jay Barker Show’, the athlete has stated that the information that has transcended does not reflect “the context” of what happened, adding that “we all face challenges in our lives”.

The alleged attempted collision reportedly occurred when Sara, 50, was returning home in a friend’s car after attending a party in her Norwood Drive neighborhood. Barker was waiting for her parked near the entrance and, seeing her arrive, he would have reversed at full speed with the intention of crashing his vehicle into his, but he fled when he did not succeed.

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