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Sarah Ferguson's Attempt to End Royal Family Feud Fails Miserably

Sarah Ferguson’s Attempt to End Royal Family Feud Fails Miserably

Sarah Ferguson and her former sister-in-law, Princess Diana, shared a strong friendship. It’s easy to understand why Sarah would have a soft spot for her late friend’s son, Prince Harry. Since Harry and Meghan Markle left their royal roles and moved out of the U.K., they have faced significant public and reported royal family criticism.

In 2023, Sarah appeared on “Sunrise” and seemed to defend Harry and Meghan’s choice to leave the royals and forge their own path. “… Anyone that is out there really trailblazing for their own beliefs, and it doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are… That’s very brave,” Sarah said, according to The Royal Observer. She added, “I would never be one to make a comment on any other member of the royal family or anybody who does that. I just find anyone that stands very tall about their own beliefs is very brave, whoever it is.”

Sarah clearly respects Harry’s eagerness to stand up for what he believes in. However, his unwillingness to compromise to bring the family back together might have her reconsidering her stance. According to Tom Quinn, “She feels Harry is just taking things too far.” He explained, “She has always felt that Harry needs to pull himself together and try to forget about the past for the sake of the family.”

Source: The Royal Observer