“Sarah Ferguson’s Disappointment at Not Receiving Invitation to King Charles’ Coronation”

Confirmed: Prince Harry to Attend Father’s Coronation Alone

In an interesting twist of royal events, Prince Harry will attend his father’s coronation alone. This has been confirmed after rumours circulated that Meghan Markle would accompany him to the religious ceremony at Westminster Abbey on May 6 where Carlos III and Camilla will be anointed, blessed and consecrated.

Unfortunately, another member of the royal family will not be attending the ceremony. It has been reported that Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, has not been invited to the event.
Despite still maintaining a close relationship with the Windsors and living with her husband, Sarah officially no longer belongs to the British Royal Family. Therefore, she will not be present for the anointment of Carlos III and Camilla.
However, that does not mean she will not be celebrating the occasion in her own way. Sarah has stated that she will watch the ceremony from the comfort of her own home with a cup of tea and a chicken sandwich.

Sarah’s Confirmed Absence from Coronation

During the promotion of her new novel, Sarah spoke out about her confirmed absence from the coronation. She explained that she will happily spend the day at home, where she will remove her flags and watch the proceedings from television.

While she will miss the religious ceremony, Sarah is expected to attend a private celebration later that day with various members of the King’s family. According to HELLO!, the British version of the popular HELLO! Magazine, Sarah will be spending time with her loved ones and celebrating in her own way.

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Confirmed Guests at the Coronation

Among the 2,000 guests who will witness the coronation of Carlos III are various royals from around the world. It is expected that Kings Felipe and Letizia, as well as crown princes of Japan, Federico and Mary of Denmark, Carlos Gustavo of Sweden and his daughter, the crown princess Victoria, Alberto of Monaco, and the princes Haakon and Mette-Marit of Norway will all be in attendance.

Absences at the Coronation

While Sarah and Meghan won’t be present at the ceremony, their nieces, Beatriz and Eugenia de York, have been confirmed as guests. The two British princesses will bear witness to the anointment of their uncle, Carlos III, as the new King of England.

It will be interesting to see how the coronation unfolds without Sarah’s presence. We can be sure, however, that the royal family will be celebrating the occasion in grand style.

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