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“Sasha Sokol shares courageous truth: it took 38 years to understand her story”

Sasha Sokol Speaks Out About Sexual Abuse by Televisa Producer Luis de Llano

Sasha Sokol, the Mexican singer and actress, recently opened up about the sexual abuse she endured from Televisa producer Luis de Llano when she was just 14 years old. In an exclusive interview with El País, Sokol recounted how de Llano manipulated her and convinced her that they were in love, but in reality, he was taking advantage of her innocence and vulnerability.

The young singer revealed that de Llano, who was also her agent, isolated her from her family and friends, controlled her every move, and lied to her about his age. For years, de Llano forbade her to talk about what was happening and made her keep secrets, which ultimately led to her becoming a completely different person.

Sokol ultimately ended the abusive relationship with de Llano when she was 17 years old, which proved to be a courageous feat as de Llano was a popular music producer at the time and had immense power in the industry.

After decades of keeping silent, Sokol decided to publicly denounce de Llano on International Women’s Day in 2022 after hearing him lie about their relationship in an interview. Sokol said that every time de Llano talked about her, it was a form of abuse and revictimized her. She hopes that by speaking out, she can raise awareness about the lasting impact of abusive relationships and inspire other victims to share their stories.

Sasha Sokol’s brave stance against sexual abuse in the entertainment industry has sparked an important conversation on the issue and highlights the need for more support for victims.

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