Save Your Message Files Easily with Bing Chat’s New Feature

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Make Your Bing Chat Experience Better With New Features

Users who are already using Bing Chat to resolve their queries while working have found it to be an excellent tool. However, some of them find it cumbersome to copy and paste the AI’s responses into a text document. To make things easier, Microsoft has added a new feature that allows users to save Bing Chat messages in text format.

New Features are Coming to Bing Chat

To maintain their position in the competitive world of the internet, Microsoft is always looking for ways to improve their products. With the rapid rise of ChatGPT, Bing Chat has gained popularity among users as it is easy to use in their browser. However, after receiving responses, users may wish to save the content to use later. To facilitate this, Microsoft has added a new function to save Bing Chat messages in various text formats.

Export Your Outputs Easily

The new saving functionality in Bing Chat makes it easy for users to export the output generated in various text file formats. The export feature comes with popular formats such as PDF, Word, and text file format. The user can choose the desired text format to save their output.

No Need for Microsoft Account in Bing Chat

Microsoft Chatbot is available to all users, whether or not they have an active Microsoft Account. Users can use the chatbot without logging in, but the session will be limited to 5 minutes. If they register a Microsoft Account, they can access their history of questions whenever they need it.

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Bing Chat is an excellent tool for quickly resolving your queries while you work. With new features such as saving messages in various text formats, exporting outputs easily, and no need to use a Microsoft Account, Bing Chat is sure to become a more popular tool among users.

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