Scandal in the British Parliament when traces of cocaine were found in the toilets

New scandal in the political sphere of the United Kingdom when several traces of cocaine in the toilets of the British Parliament. This event has prompted the Speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsay Hoyle, to refer to this event as “terrible” and to inform the Police to open an investigation.

On the other hand, it has not been ruled out that trained dogs are included to control the parliamentarians themselves in their entrances to Parliament. The scandal followed a report by The Sunday Times, which maintains that 11 of 12 sinks They tested positive for drug remains after undergoing toxicology tests at the Palace of Westminster.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsay Hoyle, He has warned that the information on illicit drug use in Parliament is deeply worrying and I will urgently forward it to the Metropolitan Police this week, ”declared the president of the Lower House.

Hoyle himself suggested that he contemplates using trained dogs to detect illegal substances within Parliament. The places where have found traces of cocaine They are scattered throughout the building, and include mixed toilets in one of the press areas, as well as men’s and women’s toilets near Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office.

“While parliament provides extensive support services for any staff or member who may need help with drug abuseI would encourage anyone who is struggling with such problems to accept that help, for those who choose to break the law and bring the institution into disrepute the penalties are severe, ”Hoyle also said.

From the newspaper The Sunday Times It is noted that “dozens of deputies, lords, counselors, researchers and employees have shared their stories about drug abuse in the halls of power in the UK on condition of anonymity ‘, describes the newspaper. The media argues that “there is a culture of cocaine in Parliament”, citing a “Westminster veteran”, who assures that “some are household names, others are young and ambitious MPs and officials.”

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