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Scarface Sequel: Tony Montana's Surprising Return You Never Heard Of

Scarface Sequel: Tony Montana’s Surprising Return You Never Heard Of

As the events of “Scarface: Scarred for Life” progress, readers witness Tony Montana’s return to criminal prominence. He outsmarts various underworld rivals and the two DEA agents who are hot on his trail. Eventually, Elvira realizes she still has feelings for Tony. While he’s in Bolivia, she helps him escape Sosa, who remains a persistent thorn in Tony’s side. However, Tony is determined to defeat Sosa once and for all, leading to a tense showdown with the feds, including one DEA agent who was presumed dead.

The climax of “Scarred for Life” is gripping. Elvira, aiming a gun at Tony, tries to persuade her ex-husband to surrender for his own good. Tony, defiant, points his gun back at Elvira while the DEA agent has his sniper rifle trained on the drug lord. Tony declares that no one can stop him, and a gunshot rings out, leaving readers in suspense as to who shot whom.

It’s important to note that the events of “Scarred for Life” are considered non-canon. The tone is darker yet also more humorous than the original movie. Writer John Layman, in an official press release from IDW Publishing (via Comic Vine), hinted at this unique style. “You’re going to see some very creative murders— and if you have any sort of decency in your soul, you’re going to feel bad for laughing as hard as you do when you read this stuff,” he teased.

Though Tony’s on-screen death in the iconic film may have quashed the possibility of a proper “Scarface” movie sequel, “Scarred for Life” offers an intriguing alternate-history take on one of cinema’s most notorious villains. If you’re curious about this fresh perspective, the comic is certainly worth exploring.

Source: IDW Publishing, Comic Vine