Scarlett Johansson receives a lifetime achievement award, but her boyfriend plays a practical joke on her live

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Scarlett Johansson receives a lifetime achievement award, but her boyfriend plays a practical joke on her live

Scarlett Johansson She began her career in film at a very young age and quickly became a renowned actress. Before turning 25, it had already been directed by by Sofia Coppola, the cohen brothers, Rob Reiner, Michael Bay Y Woody Allen. Then he decided to take some time to rest and get away from the cameras. It was then that he decided to accept the role to be Black Widow on Iron Man 2 in the year 2008.

This character undoubtedly brought her closer to the younger generations and made her a beloved actress among Marvel fans. So much so that in recent MTV Movie Awards, the 36-year-old actress received a huge lifetime achievement award. However, her partner decided to surprise her that neither she nor the viewers really expected. Look what it was about.

Scarlett Johnasson’s boyfriend played a prank on the actress live

The interpreter is known to be an excellent speaker, too. In fact, it is one of the largest representatives of the movement #MeToo in Hollywood. And with that effusiveness and emotion in the words he was receiving his award in the celebration of the Music channel when his partner, Colin Jost, it occurs to him to make a very practical joke.

“I am very moved and grateful for having been able to collaborate with great professionals for three decades now. I could never have become the actress that I am today without the support of so many actors, production teams … This award also goes to all those people And thanks to all my fans for supporting my career, my work, which is my passion. “, said the protagonist of Lost in Traslation.

It is at that moment that her partner approaches to throw a wallet with green paint on her and she yells at him: “What are you doing?”. “Isn’t this Nickelodeon?” The comedian reproaches him by referring to a custom that that channel usually has when it awards the famous. So the funny video ends with Scarlett trying to remove all the paint that her boyfriend had thrown at her.


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