Scarlett Johansson says goodbye to fans and the UCM a few days after the premiere of “Black Widow” – MRT

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Actress Scarlett Johansson has played an important role in the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She first appeared in the second Iron Man film as an agent investigating Tony Stark, and her latest appearance will be a solo film, “Black Widow,” which will be released in theaters on July 9.

This production will focus on the past of the secret agent who betrayed the KGB. Once again he will reunite with his old team trained in the Black Widow program to face Task Master.

Of course, it is a film that goes back in time since in “Avengers: Endgame”, Natasha Romanova sacrificed herself so that Hawkeye can obtain the soul gem.

Recently, in an interview with the Total Film medium, actress Scarlett Johansson said goodbye to her role in the MCU. Everything seems to indicate that this will be his last participation in the Avengers plot.

“It’s definitely bittersweet because I love my Marvel family. I will never be ready not to be a part of this. They will always be family. I will never feel ready not to participate because I hate feeling like I’m missing things with them, ”she explained. “Maybe at some point we will have the opportunity to collaborate in some other way,” he concluded.

Rachel Weisz shares some details about Meelina Vostokoff, her character in “Black Widow”

Marvel’s most powerful heroes are back. While in Disney Plus series of phase 4 like “WandaVision” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” are premiered, Marvel Studios prepares the premiere of the first films of this phase: “Black Widow” and “Eternals”.

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These two productions were expected to arrive in April 2020 and the end of that year, respectively, but the premiere schedule had to be modified due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now the Black Widow film will be released on July 9 in theaters and on Disney Plus (in the premium version of payment). The advertising campaign has started via YouTube. Marvel shared different trailers on the video platform, while the actors participate in interviews.

Actress Rachel Weisz participated in the last show of . There he explained that the second name of his character (Meelina Vostokoff) was secret until the comedian commented on it live.

On the other hand, he explained some details of the character’s formation: “she is a Black Widow. She has been trained as a spy for the Black Widow, is a highly trained spy and scientist. She has a kind of, well, a pig farm. That’s where the family met me, in my scientific laboratory where I also have pigs that I experiment with ”.

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