Scorn is delayed to 2022 and his team pleads "tired, confused and frustrated"

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Through a long update on the game’s kickstarter page, Ebb Software has confirmed what many of us feared: Scorn delayed to 2022. It is not the first time that it happens to the title and from the developer they claim to feel more “tired, confused and frustratedThan anyone. Regarding the magnitude of the delay, the study has anticipated that we will know its new departure date next December 10 and that it has postponed the announcement until then for reasons beyond its control. Perhaps it is a simple coincidence, but just the night before a new edition of The Game Awards will be held in Los Angeles, the awards gala in which other years have already fallen some that another Scorn trailer. White and bottled…

First announced on 2014, Scorn has been captivating people since then thanks to an artistic section with clear reminiscences to H. R. Giger, the man behind “the alien aesthetic”And who unfortunately passed away in that same year. After five years of failed demos, kickstarter campaigns and maddeningly slow progress, the game appeared to receive a definite push in 2020, when Microsoft offered its support to the project and it was confirmed that it will also be released on Xbox Series X / S as exclusive on consoles. For a moment there was even hope that it would make it to the platform’s launch window, but twelve months later, here we are.

Problems and tensions during your conception

Ebb Software talks about “development hell“And it drops that 90% of what they had advancing back in 2018 has had to be discarded and made from scratch, which includes the level and gameplay that you have on these lines. Despite this, the study does not want that no one blames Microsoft and its possible external pressures. “People are suspicious of big companies and most of the time it is for good reason, but in our case we have received nothing but support from the parties involved. We are even surprised at how well everything has gone“, they comment in the update.

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The tensions seem to come more from the game’s own community of fans, who in many cases they get carried away by hype and impatience. The study has strongly criticized the constant questions about his silences and progress. He has given as an example what happened to Cyberpunk 2077 for rushing and explained in a somewhat hostile way that things need time and money. The tone of the statement ended up being so cutting that they have been obliged to remove a second note apologizing for him.

Hopefully the spirits are better, that things pick up speed to cross and that with a bit of luck, next December 10 we will not only have a new date, but also a new trailer.


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