Scream screenwriter discovers the true origin of the Ghostface killer mask

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Coinciding with the next premiere of Scream, the return of such a popular film horror franchise with its fifth installment, along with the 25th anniversary from the original 1996 installment, the writer of the first film Kevin Williamson has explained the true origin of the mythical ghostface mask, the serial killer embodied by different characters throughout the saga who have such an iconic and ghostly mask in common. Although beyond the mysticism that surrounds the figure of the murderer hidden behind the mythical face of ghost, the origins of his own image are less striking than one would expect.

Ghostface mask and Fantasic Faces

And the iconic image of Ghostface is not the fruit of the creative minds of the original Scream team or a design that emerged from the most daring costume designers; no. The origin of Gohstface is much more banal. This is how the writer of the original film explains it with the actress Neve Campbell: “No one could agree on a mask and I remember that we were doing a search for locations and we found ghostface in a box full of things in a garage ”, explains the screenwriter.

“Wes looked at her immediately and said, ‘It’s like the famous painting of The Scream.’ So we took her to our production team and said ‘improvise on this, do something like that’. They must have made 20 different designs. The studio rejected each one of them and eventually we thought, ‘Why don’t we buy the rights to this mask?‘”, explica Williamson.

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Said and done; the producer Dimension Films bought the rights to the mask from the company Fantastic Faces, owner of the costume created in 1991 and that, thanks to the Scream saga, has finally become an icon of slasher horror cinema since the mid-90s.

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