season 3 of the Netflix series adds an international star

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Who Killed Sara? has become one of the most successful series on the streaming service Netflix this year, with two seasons that managed to captivate millions of viewers around the world. This furor led them to the opportunity to make a third installment, which is currently being shot, and This Wednesday they surprised by announcing an international star who will join the cast.

The mystery-filled plot revolves around Alex Guzman, who spends 18 years in jail for his sister’s crime, SaraBut he swears he didn’t commit this murder. When he is released he will try to find out who the true perpetrator was and why he was singled out as the only suspect. In the second round of chapters, he entertains unknown situations for him and will continue in his role as a researcher to find out what relationship she had with the family Lazcano.

The big news of the renovation came in mid-August when one of the directors, Leche Ruiz, made it official by showing the first page of the script for the third part: “Here we go again”, wrote. On October 19, the start of the recordings with Leo Deluglio as Álex Guzmán and Alejandro Nones returning like Rodolfo Lazcano, but today a new addition was confirmed.

Through their social networks, Netflix confirmed that Jean Reno will join the third season of the series. “Because my sister’s death was not a mistake. They killed Sara”says a voice-over while the actor is shown with a figure that at first appears scary. So far no information has been released about which character he will play, nor an approximate release date.

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Reno, 73, is recognized worldwide for being Leon on The perfect assassin, one of the great classics of the 90s also starring Natalie Portman, in what was her debut on the big screen. He has multiple titles in his filmography, but precisely the last one, 5 Bloods, is an original production of Netflix, so they will have talked there for their participation in the successful Mexican fiction.

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