Sebastian Vettel Feels F1 Would Welcome An Openly Gay Driver

Sebastian Vettel

Attitude magazine, which for decades has given visibility to those issues that especially affect the LGBTQ community, has welcomed in its new edition the motorsport driver Sebastian Vettel, one of the few heterosexual athletes, but far from the first, who displays his photogenic smile on the cover of the prestigious British headline.

More important than his presence on the front page of the publication are the statements that the German has offered to show his enthusiasm for the future arrival of homosexual drivers to the main cars of Formula 1, if there are not already any. In his opinion, that there are pilots of all kinds and conditions – and openly proud of it – in the so-called ‘Great Circus’ would be very positive for the global projection of this sport, which must demonstrate that it is free of “prejudices” and discriminatory attitudes against the collective.

“That may not have been the case in times past, but now I think a gay driver would be welcome, and rightly so. I think that a gay rider would contribute to eradicating prejudices and would boost our sport in the right direction,” said Sebastian Vettel in his conversation with the magazine, stressing that we must bet on tolerance and plurality both with words and actions.

“Like the cars, the drivers have changed and are changing, always for the better. So I’m hopeful that they’ll come up and I, of course, would welcome any gay pilot. As I say, I believe and hope that our sport is prepared for it, “he said before recalling that, although it may not have transcended publicly, there have always been members of the community within the professional competition.

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“There have always been LGBTQ people in Formula 1, but I can’t speak for them or say whether they felt they had to hide or not. Certainly, the fact that the world is more open would help them to come out of the closet, “he said optimistically.

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