Second day of mass mobilizations in Argentina for the Day of Peronist Loyalty

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Hundreds of thousands of people, summoned mainly by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) —The most important union entity in Argentina— are demonstrating in the center of the City of Buenos Aires to celebrate Loyalty Day, to mark a new anniversary of the demonstration that demanded the release of the leader Juan Domingo Perón in 1945, giving birth to Peronism.

Thus, this Monday the second consecutive day of mobilizations takes place, which began on October 17, when the militant date is usually celebrated. The columns are directed on foot towards the Canto al Trabajo monument, at the intersection of Paseo Colón and Independencia avenues. The objective of the march is to show the support to the government, but also to point out that measures are needed to improve the situation in the country.

In this opportunity, the protagonists are the union leaders, many of whom have greater affinities with the vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, than with the head of state, Alberto Fernández.

“Policy for genuine employment”

Thus, unionists are expected to read a document, where it is proclaimed the union of the labor movement. In effect, the CGT is an important ally of the Government, however, from the top they are calling for “economic policies that promote the generation of genuine employment.”

With that critical tone, they also pose “a fair redistribution of wealth and the reconstruction of a present state, regulator of the economy and promoter of economic and social development “.

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In addition to the unions, they also mobilize various social groups, such as the Combative Classist Current, Barrios de Pie and the Evita Movement.

In this regard, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires reported that, due to the magnitude of the event, traffic circulation may be affected in many Buenos Aires streets.

The Plaza de Mayo was packed

On Sunday, which coincided with Mother’s Day, there had been another massive call, of social and political groups related to Kirchnerism. It was a mobilization where the structure of the so-called ‘union apparatus’ did not prevail, but the political militancy did, which recalled the figure of Perón.

In this regard, a controversy within Peronism because the CGT and the Fernández government had decided not to march on the 17th, as was done historically. Meanwhile, opposition sectors highlighted that, in the midst of the celebrations, some individuals damaged a memorial for the victims of the pandemic, causing widespread rejection, even among Peronists.

For his part, the president was not present in either of the two mobilizations, although he did share a video on his social networks.

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