Secret of Long-Term Happiness: The World’s Happiest Country for Six Consecutive Years

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The World Happiness Index has released its latest annual study, ranking countries based on the key factors that contribute to happiness. For the sixth year running, Finland took the top spot with a score of 7.804. The analysis, promoted by the United Nations Network of Solutions for Sustainable Development, considers social support, income, health, freedom, generosity, and absence of corruption in each state.

Experts have noted that the happiest countries have shown remarkable resilience in the face of recent challenges, whereas lower development areas have been more heavily impacted. In addition to Finland, other countries in the top ten include Denmark, Iceland, Israel, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and New Zealand. Meanwhile, the bottom countries include Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Botswana, and Malawi.

Spain has been relegated to position 32 in the latest report, down from 24 in 2021, 28 in 2020, and 29 in 2022. Its score of 6.436 places it just behind Estonia and slightly above Italy.

The president of SDSN and Director of the Earth Institute’s Center for Sustainable Development, Jeffrey Sachs, believes that the final objective of politics and ethics should be human well-being. He states, “The happiness movement shows that well-being is not a ‘soft’ and ‘vague’ idea but focuses on critically important areas of life: material conditions, mental and physical wealth, personal virtues, and good citizenship.”

Sachs also emphasizes the connection between people’s trust in government and institutions and their happiness. He urges society to transform this wisdom into practical results to achieve peace, prosperity, trust, and happiness in our world.

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