‘Secret Story’: Miguel Frigenti, Adara or Cristina Porta, one of them is saved tonight

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Last Thursday we had the opportunity to enjoy one of the most intense galas of ‘Secret Story’. We must remember that Sandra Pica made the decision to nominate Miguel Frigenti with two points and Adara Molinero with three points, despite the fact that they have been his two great supports in recent weeks.

An unexpected decision that, as expected, was not without controversy. This Tuesday, November 23 we will enjoy a new installment of ‘Secret Story: countdown’ presented by Carlos Sobera. On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the final stretch of the game of spheres. A game in which, for the moment, Julen de la Guerra is the true leader.

We must remember that andThe former participant of ‘Women and men and vice versa’ was placed first on the list after finding out Isabel Rábago’s secret. Therefore, he became the contestant with the most spheres of ‘Secret Story’ and, therefore, with the best chance of winning the 50,000 euros that one of them hides.

Nonetheless, it seems that the leadership of Julen de la Guerra is at stake. Despite having no more and no less than 12 spheres, the young man is willing to gamble. And he thinks he knows what is the secret that belongs to Luis Rollán. If he decides to press the button again after the confrontation, he would lose his 12 spheres, making the Andalusian the first on the list with 13 spheres.

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And we talk about losing spheres because Julen de la Guerra has thought about the possibility that the collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ has had a relationship with a Real Madrid player. Viewers of ‘Secret Story’ know that this is not true, since that secret belonged to Cynthia Martínez. A fact that the contestants, so far, do not know.

In this new gala presented by Carlos Sobera we will see how one of the nominees will be saved. We are facing three heavyweights of this edition: Adara Molinero, Miguel Frigenti and Cristina Porta. This salvation will be key to the development of the remainder of reality. In addition, we know the new weekly test in which Contestants must develop various television formats to make a small tribute on the occasion of International Television Day. Do not miss the new installment of ‘Secret Story: countdown’ tonight, starting at 10:00 pm, on Telecinco.

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