Secure Your H-2 Work Visa for the United States with Easy Steps from Monterrey Consulate

By: Dan Cooper

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Write new article from this text only in smaller paragraphs with HTML h3, bold and italic Getting a legal job in the United States is easier than you think, but there are several steps you must follow, especially to obtain the H-2 visa, according to the Consulate in Monterrey, Nuevo León. With this category of work visa, obtains support to work temporarily in the American Union in positions that do not require university studies. With the H-2A visa, work in agricultural activities, such as planting, in fruit orchards, nut, vegetable and cereal fields, as well as in the application of fertilizers and other cultivation activities. With the H-2B visa, you can obtain jobs in cleaning, construction, landscaping, hotels, as well as factory workers, waiters, forestry workers, and animal caretakers. We recommend The maximum period of stay in the United States with the H-2 visa is three years, although it can be extend. The United States Consulate in Monterrey recommends taking all necessary precautions to avoid fraud, especially alleged job offers that are promoted on social networks. The US representation specifies that there is no job bank or list of companies that can be consult to obtain a vacancy. “Our recommendation is that you approach your local offices of the National Employment Service, perhaps they can channel you with a company abroad that requires your services,” officials said through a live broadcast on Facebook. These are the steps you must follow if you want to work legally in the United States, according to officials from the Consulate in Monterrey:1. Find a company in the American Union that is authorized to take employees with temporary work visas.2. Review the employment contract and confirm that a valid petition exists.3. The employer or representative must help the worker fill out the DS-160 application and make the appointment to process the H-2.4 visa. Pay the fee of 190 dollars for the temporary work visa application.5. Go to the appointment at the Applicant Service Center (CAS) to collect biometric data.6. Show up for the appointment at the Consulate or Embassy for the interview with the consular officer.7. After obtaining the visa, you must apply for admission to enter the United States at a port of entry as an H-2 worker. One way to verify that an offer is real and legal is to contact the United States Consulate in Monterrey at telephone 800 108 47 24 or email [email protected]. When making the inquiry, you must indicate all the information you have about the vacancy you are being offered.

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