See behind the scenes of Loki in the trailer for “Marvel Studios: Assembled”

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Marvel doesn’t stop when it comes to sharing more information about their productions. After the end of Loki, the exclusive Disney Plus series, the House of Ideas released the trailer for the last episode of the Marvel Studios: Assembled documentary series, which will reveal the behind-the-scenes details of the production.

Marvel Studios: Assembled shows the behind-the-scenes look at various Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and shows in Phase Four, including interviews with the cast and creative teams of the projects. The first two episodes explored the making of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Loki will be for the next episode and in the future the productions Black Widow and Hawkeye will be seen.

The images show some behind-the-scenes anecdotes from He Who Remains, featuring Jonathan Majors, and Classic Loki, played by Richard E. Grant.

MARVEL | Trailer for Loki at Marvel Studios Assembled

See behind the scenes of Loki in the trailer for “Marvel Studios: Assembled”

Loki focuses on Tom Hiddleston’s god of mischief as he escapes the 2012 Avengers with the Tesseract during Avengers: Endgame’s temporary heist. Because of this, the Asgardian god is stopped by the mysterious Temporal Variation Authority.

By offering him a chance to stay alive by tracking down a variant of himself by killing AVT agents, Loki chooses to partner with the variant to get to the mystery behind the agency and the Time Keepers. Alongside Hiddleston, the series’ cast includes Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius, Sophia Di Martino as variant Sylvie, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as TVA judge Ravonna Renslayer.

Fortunately, those who yearn for more of Loki’s multiverse antics and a resolution to his shocking suspense can rest easy knowing that season two is in the works.

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