See how Rauw Alejandro reacts to rumors of romance with Ester Exposito

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For days now, fans have shared alleged evidence that Raw Alejandro Y Ester Exposito they have an “effect” of love on each other.

And they come after the headlines that talk about the breakup of the Spanish actress and Alexander Speitzer.

The story between Ester Y Raw dates from April 2020, when she went viral with a video dancing the song The effect of the Puerto Rican singer.

The singer, who that same year had been romantically linked to Rosalía, came to share the clip of Ester extremely excited.

Both in Madrid, stories of common places and even a video of a friend of Ester in which Rauw Alejandro was seen lit up the alerts in recent days.

Finally one of the two was consulted directly.

It is about the interpreter of Everything about you, who attended the popular Spanish program The resistance.

The presenter David broncano He asked if he regularly Googled his name, and Rauw said he hadn’t done so in a long time. Well, they did it live and obviously the news associating him with Esther resulted in the search.

“Ester Exposito, Rauw Alejandro … If you want to, I pass it with elegance and I move on. Unless, of course, you want to comment on some information,” said David.

See the reaction and what the reggaetonero said in the video above.

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