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See the 60-Second Pitch That Secured $10K

This episode of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch may be about child-centric products, but no one is kidding around when it comes to cash. Contestants came ready with serious pitches — and serious funding requests. Will anyone score the hundreds of thousands they’re seeking to grow their business?

There are many factors at play that can sway an investor’s decision, including this critical pitch component highlighted by Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph: “A product can’t just be useful — it has to be something that a lot of people want.”

Quick show rules refresher: Every episode challenges contestants to step inside our elevator and pitch their company in just 60 seconds. A board of investors is watching on a monitor, and if they like what they hear, the elevator doors open, and the entrepreneur has the chance to win a life-changing investment. But if the investors don’t like what they hear, the elevator heads to the ground floor, and their shot at glory is finished.

Season 11, Episode 2 features a board of investors including Marc Randolph, co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, master of scaling; Kim Perell, CEO of, serial entrepreneur and investor; and Gary Swart, Partner at Polaris Partners and serial entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs in this episode are Nicky Rishi of Miss Poppins, a marketplace that connects parents with expert coaches and a supportive community; Chris Danis of Wet Wipe Wizard, a system that allows for the simple and reliable delivery of wet wipes at the push of a button; and Tausha LaFlore of Pincer Pal, where fun and learning come together during mealtime.

Watch to find out who wins big and who is sent back to the sandbox on this family-focused episode of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch!

Season 11 of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch is presented by Amazon Business. New episodes stream on Wednesdays on and EntrepreneurTV.

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