“See you soon, idiots”: He installs a skeleton and tombstones in his garden to push people to get vaccinated (PHOTOS)

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An American has devised a most unusual method to convince those who do not want to be vaccinated against covid-19. With that goal in mind, Jesse Jones, a lawyer living in the city of Raleigh (North Carolina), did not hesitate to place a grim installation composed of a giant halloween skeleton and several tombstones, report ABC 11.

“Not vaccinated, see you soon, idiots,” can be read on the board attached to the pelvis of the skeleton, while the tombstones contain similar messages of the type: “I heard Trump”, “It was not a hoax“,” I heard the news from Fox (News) “.

Jones has his reasons for trying to convince those who are reluctant to get vaccinated, as his wife lost her mother to the disease, while an unimmunized co-worker also lost her life after contracting COVID-19, as did others 14 clients.

“My wife lost her mother to the coronavirus, who was a woman who spent her entire life caring for people, and died completely alone in a hospital, without being able to see a single relative for 15 days, “explains the man.

The author of the idea stresses that the virus is “the enemy“, and accuses the unvaccinated of not being patriots, since they” put the United States in danger. “

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