SEGA and Microsoft (Xbox) partner to produce next-gen games on Azure

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SEGA and Microsoft (Xbox) have made an official strategic alliance that will allow the Japanese company produce next-gen video games on a large scale in an Azure-based development environment, Microsoft’s cloud platform. The objectives of both companies go through exploring the possibilities of cloud game with high-budget titles and a global perspective, focusing your efforts on three big keywords: global, online and IP utilization.

The initiative not only aims optimize video game production, but to consolidate a cooperative work that makes this technology evolve in areas such as “the network infrastructure and the communication tools required for global online services,” they explain in the statement, published at dawn on Monday, November 1. All this will allow SEGA to adapt to new work styles and future changes that, they hope, will be common in the future of video game development.

SEGA and Microsoft think ahead: optimization of developments thanks to the cloud

“With the world more connected than ever behind the widespread deployment of 5G and cloud services in recent years, consumers can more easily enjoy high-quality entertainment content at any time, “they comment. “In this highly connected environment, the ecosystem that surrounds the video game industry continues to evolve and expand as more sophisticated tools and technologies are available ”; in this case, Microsoft’s cloud servers, which will be the backbone of this new work structure.

This proposal represents that “SEGA looks to the future”, and doing it with Microsoft will help them “to anticipate trends as they accelerate in the future”. The objective, however, is none other than “optimize development processes and keep offering high-quality player experiences using cloud technologies from Azure ”.

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Both Yukio Sugino, President and COO of SEGA, and Sarah Bond, Microsoft’s corporate vice president at Xbox, have entered into this agreement to “reimagine how video games are made”According to Bond. Sugino, for his part, reiterates in the statement his desire to “continue advancing in the development of our games so that fans around the world can enjoy them” using SEGA’s game development capabilities and cutting-edge technology and Microsoft’s development environment.

The first titles resulting from this long-term strategy have not transcended.

Source | SEGA; via Gematsu


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