Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello Celebrate their Singleness Together: “Nobody Likes Us”

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Selena Gomez and singer Camila Cabello have recently been two of the most powerful representatives of Latin culture in the United States because Selena’s dad is Mexican and like Camila’s, who was born in Cuba.

Both have opted to release music in Spanish that represents what it means to them what it is to speak the language, and show that they can break down any barrier through their art, without losing the style that characterizes them both.

On some occasions, it was heard that the singers had a rivalry due to the romantic relationships they had with Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, so it was said that Shawn was attracted to Selena and Camila was such a fan of Justin Bieber that on different occasions he even mentioned that he likes him physically. . It was also believed that there were problems between them because of the friendship they both have with Taylor Swift, Selena’s best friend, with which many believed that the singer of ‘Havana’ was jealous.

The reality is that between them, there was never any rivalry because on different occasions they have proven to be very good friends, especially when it comes to their new musical releases, with which both worry about sharing and promoting in their respective social networks.

Selena recently shared a video on her TikTok account in which she appears dancing to her song ‘Bam Bam’ which is a collaboration with Ed Sheeran, and wrote in the description of the post a message towards her: “I love my girl Camila.”

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Fans of both went crazy to see the singer’s support, but they didn’t expect anything else to happen soon; so both singers took everyone by surprise, sharing a new video in which they appeared together.

Camila appears at the house of the singer of ‘Lose You To Love Me’, where she usually records the videos she uploads to the platform and in it, a scene is shown in which they celebrate being single like never before.

“No one likes us, the two dogs are out” is what they say in the video with audio that comes out of the series ‘Dance Moms’, while they are sitting in an armchair and drinking alcohol in a drink; referring to the fact that both are outside of sentimental relationships.

The singers are wearing pajamas and disheveled hair, so it is believed that they made a sleepover and many of their fans were excited to know this, so they began to demand a collaboration because the reality is that their style is an excellent complement for both.

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