Selena Gomez celebrates her birthday with a hint? Justin Bieber on TikTok

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Selena Gomez today celebrates its 29 years. The American singer and actress is at an extremely good time in her career. In March he released his album in Spanish called Revelation thanks to which he has already released singles like At once O Dance with Me. The truth is that today it was also news because, apparently, he could have given a hint to his ex-partner Justin Bieber. Specifically, it was a short clip that the artist uploaded to her account TikTok and that his followers quickly commented. Look.

Selena Gomez’s hint to Justin Bieber on TikTok

Selena Gómez celebrates her 29 years (Photo: Getty)

Just as it was one of the most loved and sought after, the relationship between Selena Gomez Y Justin Bieber it was also complex. The young men met in 2010 and quickly became the match teen perfect not only for magazines but also for fans. However, these rising stars also had to surf a difficult bond like any other teenager, only here almost in front of a camera the entire time.

Their relationship had several comings and goings between 2010 and 2018, until that year they finally decided to cut it off forever. Later, he married the model Hayley Baldwin and she continued to grow professionally. So much so that his album in Spanish has been a real success. At 29, she is one of the most popular artists in music and on Instagram, of course. But Selena is not only dedicated to art, she is also a great activist in mental health issues and has been involved more than once in social campaigns.

In addition, on her birthday this Thursday, the singer made the news because she published a video on her Instagram account, which many believe is directed at her ex-partner. In the clip, she can be seen taking a can of Coke and mimicking an audio that says: “So you’re telling me that you can read her birth chart, but you can’t understand her red flags. Oh, sister.”

In the comments, many of the followers insisted that he was clearly referring to Justin Bieber, a relationship that was fraught with difficulties and for which Selena suffered for a long time. In fact the song Lose you to Love Me (Losing you to love you) talks about her courtship and how she had to face this breakup to find herself and be happy.


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