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“Selena Gomez Reveals Marital Status in Passionate Soccer Game Confession”

Selena Gomez Laughs off Singleness

Selena Gomez showed that she does not take jokes about her singleness very seriously, since she herself is capable of making fun of her sentimental situation.

TikTok Shenanigans

The singer caused great laughter among her followers, by sharing a video on her account TikTok, where she is shown shouting her marital status while watching a soccer game. Wrapped in a blanket and desperate, the 30-year-old artist appears saying out loud: “I’m single! I’m a bit difficult to maintain, but I love you very much!”

Viral Success

In a matter of minutes, the video went viral, and in the comments section, there are different signs of support for putting the exact words to what many feel after spending too much time without a partner, because as a title he placed the phrase: “It’s just a constant struggle.”

Sense of Humor

This is not the first time that Selena jokes about her love life, since she already did so after her stormy relationship with Justin Bieber and The Weeknd. In May of last year, the also actress appeared on Saturday Night Live and openly acknowledged that she is at a stage in her life in which she needed to find her “soul mate.” “But right now I would settle for anyone,” joked on that occasion about his love life.


It’s refreshing to see that even though Selena has experienced her share of dramatic breakups, she can still approach her singleness with a sense of humor. Hopefully, the star will one day find her soulmate, but until then, she is content in her independence and making light of her situation.

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