Selena Quintanilla: the story behind the distribution of her inheritance

What happened to the will of Selena quintanilla? The “Queen of Tex-Mex” passed away on March 31, 1995, at the age of 23, at the hands of Yolanda Saldívar, her assistant and president of the fan club. At that age, of course the singer did not have a written will. The idea probably never crossed his mind, not even remotely. For this reason, after her death, that was the great theme of her family: how to distribute the inheritance of the successful artist and businesswoman.

Selena marked a milestone in music and impacted the Spanish-speaking world with songs like “Forbidden love” and “As the flower”. Her popularity, at a young age, rose rapidly to position her as one of the most influential celebrities of the 90s.

Born in Texas, United States, Selena was predestined for music and found in her father Abraham Quintanilla and his brothers a place to develop his talent, which would later lead to his solo work.

On that road, he met and fell in love with Chris Perez, despite the refusal of the family patriarch. The singer and the guitarist they ended up secretly marrying in 1992. When Selena dies, according to local media reports, Selena’s inheritance would have fallen to her husband under the legislation of that time. But it was not like that.

As there is no will, the inheritance of Selena quintanilla was managed by Abraham Quintanilla, his father, who with a lawyer came to the house of Chris Perez, the widower, to agree on the percentage that was going to be his and his family’s.

Pérez, who was in the worst moment of his life, would have agreed to divide Selena’s assets into halves: one for the husband and one for the family, with Abraham at the head. In addition, according to information from the international press, when signing the agreement, the musician would have to the property rights of the singer.

The guitarist had the 25% of the net proceeds from Selena’s posthumous jobs, but he was not allowed to use anything regarding the “Queen of the Tex-Mex”. Therefore, he was sued by Abraham Quintanilla due to the publication of his book “To Selena, With Love”. While a series that wanted to make a series based on said publication, but it was aborted due to a legal battle of the singer’s father.

In the book published in 2012, under the title of “For Selena, with love”, Pérez speaks for the first time about his love story with which he was at that time the greatest exponent of Latin music, Selena quintanilla. In the series he planned to tell exclusive details that he did not mention in the book, which he kept in his heart for many years:

“For Selena, it lovingly allowed me to accept my experience and understand the void that I could fill in the hearts of so many other people. Now I’m ready to take the important step of being totally honest and bringing my eternal relationship to life on screen. ” wrote the musician.

The love story between Pérez and the singer occurred when the musician joined Selena and the Dinos. Some time later they began a relationship, of which many were unaware. In April 1992, the pair of musicians married; when she barely had 20 years old and he 22. This ceremony took place in Nueces County, Texas.

Yes OK, Selena and Chris Pérez They were completely in love, the fact that they worked together and saw each other 24 hours a day, caused them to have some discussions. Fortunately, they were able to cope with these difficulties, and even talked about having a baby.

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