Selena Quintanilla: why her father opened the singer’s coffin

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Selena Quintanilla: why her father opened the singer's coffin

Selena quintanilla, the “Queen of Tex-Mex”, left in 1995, when she was murdered in a hotel in Texas by her fan and employee Yolanda Saldívar, amid many rumors. The news of his death, at just 23 years old, caused a commotion in Mexico and in the Latino community, which until now cries for her, but also remembers her, dances and sings her songs.

His talent has undoubtedly transcended death. She was very loved and proof of this was the massive and emotional funeral, of which more details are now known, especially one that her father will regret all his life. Here we tell you.

The then Bayfront auditorium was the place chosen to say the last goodbye to the interpreter of “bidi bidi good good” Y “Techno Cumbia”. The following year, in 1996, that place changed its name and is now called Selena Auditorium, in honor of the singer.

The funeral was covered by the AP agency, which at the time released a video, which can now be found on YouTube. In the images you can see the husband Chris Pérez and Selena’s family very affected by the tragedy, especially her mother. You can also see people entering the venue and offer condolences to the family.

Something that drew attention at the wake of Selena quintanilla It was that her father, Abraham Quintanilla, decided to open the coffin so that the press and others would realize that his daughter’s body was actually there, but later revealed that he regrets having done it.

I decided to open the coffin because that same day that Selena’s body was there, people were in line passing by, several ladies began to claim that it was not true, that she was not dead, that there was no body, so I decided that They opened (the coffin) to test and it was the biggest mistake I ever made”, He lamented in an interview with Cristina Saralegui.

Upon seeing the body of the singer, flashes were fired and the images began to circulate in magazines and even on poles. “It was a mistake what I did, they took photos and then we saw them in T-shirts (polo shirts), in magazines. If I had to do it again, I would never do it”, He added very regretful.

Selena’s father indicated that another situation that greatly hurt his family was the rumors that arose regarding her murder, which indicated that the death of the “Queen of the Tex-MexIt was as a consequence of a supposed love triangle.

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