Seoul authorities launch artificial intelligence surveillance system to prevent suicide attempts on bridges

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Seoul authorities have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) surveillance system to prevent suicide attempts on the Han River bridges, where around 500 cases are recorded each year, they reported. local media this Thursday.

Technology, experienced a deep learning of the behavior patterns of people who try to end their lives by throwing themselves into the void, like wandering the bridge for too long. When the cameras detect an individual exhibiting such behaviors, a signal will be sent immediately to rescue teams near the scene so they can arrive as quickly as possible to intervene.

The network is currently in a trial period until the end of this month. “When a little more data is accumulated and this system is well established, it is expected to be of great help in preventing suicide,” said a South Korean official.

“The city government has been looking for a solution as the number of people committing suicide in the Han River is increasing due to the prolongation of the covid-19 pandemic and increasing financial difficulties,” the authority said.

Prior to its implementation, security fences, equipped with laser detection sensors, had been placed along the 18 bridges that cross the river.

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