Serious riots in Rome during a demonstration against the COVID passport

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Protesters against COVID passport have faced this Saturday the Police in Roma during an unauthorized march that has led to serious disturbances and the assault on the headquarters of the main Italian union. There have also been demonstrations in other Italian cities.

The incidents have begun at the entrance to the Villa Borghese park and have been reproduced in other parts of the Italian capital with objects being thrown at police, who has responded with smoke bombs and stun grenades. At least three people have been arrested.

Assassins! or “We want the resignation of Draghi and Mattarella!”, have chanted the protesters in reference to the prime minister Mario Draghi and President Sergio Mattarella, according to the Italian press.

A group of protesters has occupied the national headquarters of the Italian General Confederation of Labor (CGIL), near Villa Borghese. The Sidincato has already denounced this “fascist assault” in the words of its Secretary General, Maurizio Landini. “It is an attack on democracy and the entire world of work that we want to reject. Nobody wants to return our country to twenty years of fascism, “he added.

The demonstration has culminated in the street of Triton, very close to the Chigi Palace, seat of the Government.

«The public order mechanisms are managing the different demonstrations in which violence is used with interventions proportional to the actions of the protesters», Has informed the Police. “Tear gas and fire hydrants have been used to disperse violent groups,” he added.

Condemnation of the political class

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Italian President Sergio Mattarella has spoken by phone with the CGIL secretary general to express his solidarity after the attack.

The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, has also telephoned Landini to express to him and the entire union the full solidarity of the Government. “Unions they are a fundamental defense of democracy and workers’ rights. Any intimidation against them is unacceptable and must be rejected with absolute firmness, “he said in a statement.

Draghi has also taken the opportunity to condemn the violence that has occurred in other Italian cities. “The right to express one’s ideas can never degenerate into acts of aggression and intimidation,” he warned.

In Milan, the Police charged those attending the march «No Green Pass» and it is already the third consecutive Saturday of clashes between protesters and police.

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