Servant season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer 

Talk about the best shows from Apple TV+ and the list is endless. The OTT platform has blessed us with some of the most sought-after series, including heavy-hitting comedies like Ted Lasso to many other critically acclaimed and award-winning shows. One of the most popular shows on the OTT platform is Servant. 

It has been a while since Servant has been on Apple TV+, offering the audience a good dose of a psychological thriller. The show is created by moviemaker, M. Night Shyamalan. It is based on the story of a couple who start experiencing strange occurrences in their home after they hire a nanny. If you haven’t watched this show as of now, its thrilling plot itself will urge you to take a subscription to the OTT platform and begin watching it. 

Servant has entertained the audience for years now, and after airing three successful seasons, this show is finally coming to an end with its fourth installment. Here are the updates on the final season of Servant. 

When Will Servant Season 4 Air? 

The series debuted on Apple TV+ on the 28th of November, 2019, and after meeting positive reviews from critics and audiences, the second season was renewed shortly. The subsequent season premiered on the 15th of January, 2021. Interestingly, ahead of the second season’s premiere, the makers planned to renew it for the third season too. A year later, its third season was released on the 21st of January, 2022. In December, ahead of the premiere of the third season, the makers renewed the series for the fourth season in December 2021. 

According to the showrunner, the fourth season of Servant will be its final season. It is soon to debut on the OTT platform. The release date of Servant is the 13th of January, 2023. The trailer of the series has already been out, which has doubled the excitement for the fans and audiences who had followed the first three seasons of the series. The programming head of Apple V+, Matt Cherniss, shared his excitement in the trailer launch of the show. He stated, 

“Since the very first episode of Servant, audiences all over the world have loved buckling themselves in for this thrill ride, drawn into the cinematic, unsettling, twist-filled universe that M. Night Shyamalan has created. With each suspense-filled season, viewers have been able to experience the living nightmares of these compelling characters on an increasingly deeper level, and we cannot wait for everyone to see what’s in store as this gripping mystery takes another surprising turn in Season 4.” 

Who will be a part of Servant Season 4? 

The good news is that the fourth season brings the original cast back on TV. They are not going anywhere, and you will see them portray their characters to perfection. The fourth season will have all the main characters back – Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbel, Nell Tiger Free, and Rupert Grin in their reprising roles. 

Here is the detailed list of who will be a part of Servant Season 4. 

  • Lauren Ambrose as Dorothy Turner 
  • Toby Kebbell as Sean Turner 
  • Nell Tiger as Leanne Grayson 
  • Rupert Grint as Julian Pearce 
  • Jack and James Hoogerwerff as baby Jericho 
  • Phillip James Brannon as Matthew Roscoe 
  • Tony Revolori as Tobe 
  • Sunita Mani as Veera 
  • Todd Waring as Frank Pearce 
  • Alison Elliott as Aunt May Markhem 
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How did the Third Season End? 

The ending of the third season took the audience by storm. Dorothy was a new mother with a husband on the other end of the continent when they lost Jericho. As a parent to two small children, Jericho’s loss had been an ache to witness. Leanne judged Dorothy mercilessly when she first arrived in the Turner household. Dorothy’s rejection of Leanne’s powers seems to have been at least partially triggered by flashes of her repressed memories. 

She cannot consciously face her guilt, and by accepting Leanne and her powers, Jericho or not Jericho, Sean, and Julian have failed Dorothy and are complicit in her probable death.

What Will be the Plot of Season 4? 

According to the reports and several discussions throughout social media, Season 4 of Servant will bring the story of the Turner family to an end. 

The third season ended with a wicked and suspenseful cliffhanger, thus having the fans wait for the updates on the subsequent season. The fans almost thought that Dorothy wasn’t going to be in the next season. Even in one of the interviews, Lauren Ambrose implied that the finale scene felt extremely ambiguous for Dorothy, and Ambrose agreed. According to her: 

“I could imagine they wanted you to think that.” 

Now we have the synopsis of the fourth season to draw out conclusions and our own theories from it. According to it, Servant is all about closing out the final chapter of the Turner family, and how they are trying to deal with not only the threat of Leanne, who is waging war against the Church of Lesser Saints and is causing life in their home to become even more dangerous. Dorothy is finally starting to wake up after everything that has happened. 

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The fourth season and the events that it will reveal are surely going to be a turning point for the family. Many fans highlight that it will change the entire plot for better and cause some head-scratching. The audience is keeping their fingers crossed and waiting for the 13th of January to witness everything. 

Can I Watch the Trailer of Servant Season 4?

Yes. A trailer launch of Servant Season 4 happened in 2022, and everyone was mighty impressed with what it presented. The trailer suggests that the show is going out with a bang and everything that has been around the Turner family is finally going to come to a head.

Where can I Watch Servant Season 4? 

The fourth season of Servant will debut on Apple TV+ on the 13th of January, 2023. In the meantime, you can enjoy all the previous seasons streaming on the OTT platform. 

Why Should I Watch Servant? 

There are many reasons why this compelling show must be on your watch list. 

  • The director of the series, M. Night Shyamalan is known for the art of story-telling, and you will experience the same in this series. The ambiguous nature of M. Night Shyamalan’s story-telling will make you sit on the edge of your seat. The entire storyline of this show is cryptic, serving as a treat for all psychological thriller fans.
  • Servant has gathered many positive reviews from fans and critics alike. It has been critically acclaimed as Shyamalan’s best production the recent time. Even the actors in the show cannot stop praising the man’s talent. According to Ambrose, “With Servant, I feel like we really lean into the thriller genre and push that very quickly and very intensely from the first episode.” 
  • The series is a star-studded ensemble. Servant features some of the most talented actors who have put up their sweat and blood while acting for their respective characters. Their acting talent cannot be praised enough. Besides the recurring cast in the leading role, you will also be glad to see new faces from season to season. 
  • Servant is full of twists and turns. Each season of the show takes a sinister turn towards the end, thus putting the audience to a different level of thrill. The makers have put their best foot forward in the cinematography and other parts of the direction while working on this series. Whether it is the set design or the background music, everything adds to the sinister appeal of the show to perfection. 
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Interesting Things you Never Knew About Servant 

  • Servant was meant to be aired for four seasons only. The producer himself stated in an interview that the show was envisioned to last four seasons. 
  • Servant was originally set in a nameless place. Later it was changed to London and then New York City. When M. Night Shyamalan joined the show, he finally changed the setting to Philadelphia. 
  • Not many people know this, but the makers hired Italian Chef, Marc Vetri, as a consultant for some scenes involving cooking and recipes in the show. It is because of the main character. Sean Turner plays a consulting chef who creates recipes for restaurants. 
  • The creator, M. Night Shyamalan has been a part of the show as the delivery man. 
  • Interestingly, Servant is Rupert Grint’s first American role in a TV series. 
  • There has been controversy regarding the airing of Servant. In January 2020, Francesca Gregorini, the director of The Truth About Emmanuel filed a lawsuit against M. Night Shyamalan and Tony Basgallop, wherein they were accused of stealing the idea for this series from her movie. The duo denied the charges and claimed they had never seen her movie, and that it was merely a coincidence. 

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