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Set an Image as Wallpaper on WhatsApp Web Plus


WhatsApp Web: How to Add Wallpaper to Your Account

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging service that offers different versions for different devices. Among these versions is WhatsApp Web, a platform compatible with any browser. While it is widely used, it is not as frequently updated as other WhatsApp services. It also lacks some features, such as the option to make calls or video calls, send photos and videos, as well as add contacts.

Another downside is the inability to set wallpapers in chats. While you can change the color and remove “Doodles,” you cannot add a personal image or graphic as wallpaper. But there is a simple trick to bypass this limitation.

To add an image as a background in your WhatsApp Web account, you need to install an extension called “WA Web Plus”. You can get it directly through the Chrome Web Store or by clicking on the following link. Once installed, you can start using the extension.

First, click on the Puzzle icon (Extensions) located in the upper-right corner of your Google Chrome browser. Then, look for “WA Web Plus for WhatsApp” and press the three vertical dots on the right side. A list of options will appear, and you need to click on “Fix”. After the procedure, you will see the icon of a green cross enclosed in a circle on the top right corner, indicating that you have installed the WA Web Plus extension.

To use the extension, log in to WhatsApp Web and click on the extension icon. This will display a long list of options, one of which is “Chat wallpaper personalized.” Click on it to enable the option to add your personalized wallpaper. Input the URL of the image you have chosen in the box provided, ensuring that the image is alone in the tab and no other web pages are open.

Click “Save,” and your wallpaper will be added to your chat background. Remember that this function is not supported by WhatsApp itself, but via an extension, so it may not be accessible to all users.

Why You Shouldn’t Archive Your WhatsApp Conversations

Now that you know how to set a personalized wallpaper in your WhatsApp Web account, there are other issues you may want to take note of, such as why you shouldn’t archive your WhatsApp conversations.

Archiving conversations may seem like a convenient way of hiding some chats, but there are several reasons why it may not be the best option. Firstly, archived messages take up space on your device, especially when sharing large files. Secondly, you may forget the existence of those archived chats. Lastly, those chats may air something secret soon.

To free up space on your device and keep your conversations organized, it is best to delete all chats with people you have spoken to just once. Constantly clearing your archive of old conversations will help keep your device speedy and save valuable storage space.

Concluding Thoughts

WhatsApp Web continues to change and improve to provide new shortcuts, codes, and tools that make messaging a whole lot easier and fun. While it is not as feature-rich as the mobile application, it is still an essential tool for people who prefer to use their desktops or laptops to communicate online. If you ever need to look for more WhatsApp Web notes, you can always visit Mag for more tips and tricks to enhance your experience!

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