Seven days of isolation, sanctions and stay in charge of the traveler: what will the quarantines in PBA and CABA be like for newcomers to the country

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The Government strengthens controls on people arriving from abroad (Photo: NA – GCBA press).

With an eye on the Delta variant of coronavirus, the Government increased controls to determine that people arriving from abroad comply with the quarantine. As part of this strategy, the Province and the City of Buenos Aires established the protocols that these people must abide by. The Kicillof administration has already confirmed that there will be heavy fines for breaches while in CABA they analyze what the sanctions will be.

The Buenos Aires chief of cabinet Carlos Bianco explained at a press conference that those who return from abroad and reside in that district will have to comply with four days of isolation in a hotel, they will have to pay out of pocket. While the remaining three days to comply with the seven of the quarantine will be at their homes.

The official warned that there will be large fines for cases of non-compliance with mandatory home isolation, with penalties that can reach up to $ 4.3 million. The official said that the country is going through a “context that continues to be complex” and that “despite the progress in vaccination” against COVID-19 “in the world lineages of more contagious strains circulate.” Bianco said that tourists will have to sign an affidavit before leaving the country where they agree to comply with isolation on their return from the trip.

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While the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof warned that the Delta variant “is a 70% more contagious ”. He said that that is why it is necessary to “prevent him from entering or delaying his admission”, and that “it is necessary to ensure that those who go abroad, when they return do not scatter the virus in our population ”. He explained that due to this situation “those who return to the country from abroad must remain isolated for seven days because vaccinated and asymptomatic, they can carry this variant of the virus ”.

Quarantine in the city of Buenos Aires

Fernán Quirós explained that the cost of the hotels in which they must remain isolated will be in charge of those people (Photo: NA).

In the case of the city of Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires Minister of Health Fernan Quirós He explained at a press conference that tourists are asked for a negative PCR test before boarding, and that when they arrive at Ezeiza international airport they are given a new test. He argued that in cases where they test positive or do not have isolation conditions in their homes, they will be offered to comply with the quarantine in a hotel, the cost of which will be in charge of tourists arriving from abroad.

The duration of this quarantine is ten days from when the PCR was carried out abroad, which is usually for seven days since they arrive in the country. Those who test negative can do the isolation in their homes. Quirós maintained that they had an “intensive called domiciliary, with information, daily monitoring, and support of the daily operational management of the home so that they do not need to leave, a daily visit to guarantee that it is fulfilled ”. He explained that after the quarantine period, a PCR is carried out on these people to determine that they are not contagious. Regarding the fines for breaches in the city of Buenos Aires, sources from the Buenos Aires administration told working on the definition of these measures.

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