Seven Internet of Things services put to the test: for beginners and advanced users

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Under the catchphrase Internet of Things, short IoT, hides a whole zoo of technologies and internet protocols with the common goal of connecting all kinds of devices to the internet. In contrast to networked computers and servers, these devices are usually equipped with little computing power and memory and are designed for low data rates. Furthermore, they should consume little energy and be cheap. These IoT devices then make their services and data available in the network, but not directly, but via a server (Gateway/Broker) on the Internet, which collects and evaluates the data and makes it available for query. The way back is also possible, so that IoT devices can be controlled via the Internet.

When talking about the Internet is, of course, we also mean one Intranetbuilt on internet technology. Many of the services presented here also offer their servers for installation in your own network or WLAN at home. However, this is not the focus of this article, nor is building your own IoT infrastructure, be it commercially hosted or on a Raspberry Pi. The charm of IoT services is that you can save yourself this.

More make projects and tools:

IoT devices send their data to the IoT service or its gateway whenever they are ready. Ideally, each device is only responsible for one task or one measured value, so the other devices remain functional if one should fail temporarily or completely. Redundancy of devices with the same sensors is also possible in this way, and measures can be taken on the IoT service server in the event of a failure, from querying alternative sources to notifying the owner of the IoT device about the repair.

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