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Several killed when attacked by a man armed with a bow and arrows in Norway

A man has been arrested after killing several people with a bow and arrows in the town of Kongsberg, Norway. According to the first information, there are several fatalities, without specifying the number, in addition to several other injuries of varying degrees.

The local police chief, Oeyvind Aas, has confirmed that “the man has been arrested. According to the information we have so far, this person has acted alone. Several people have been injured and several more are dead ”, without specifying figures at first.

Arrows used in the attack.
Arrows used in the attack.

The agent added that “we have several witnesses whom we are going to question.” The detainee has been transferred to the nearby town of Drammen, both relatively close to the capital, Oslo. At the moment this incident is not automatically treated as a terrorist attack: “Time will tell us what the motives are for this action.”

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