“Severe Condition: Hospitalization Needed for What Happened to Him”

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Jamie Foxx’s hospitalization due to a “medical complication” while filming a movie for Netflix has raised concerns. After being urgently admitted on April 12, the Hollywood actor remains hospitalized in Atlanta. Though no official statement has been released regarding Foxx’s condition, a source close to him has recently revealed that “what happened to him in medical terms is serious enough to keep him hospitalized for now.”

Foxx is reportedly stable and in a safe situation, however, doctors are conducting more tests to ensure he recovers completely before being discharged. The source has stated that the hospital is not where Foxx wants to be, but they are focusing on his psychological health as well before sending him home.

Despite this setback, the actor has several projects underway and is “a focused and shrewd person,” according to the source. Recently, Foxx made a brief statement on his official Instagram account thanking his followers for their support.

The incident occurred while Foxx was filming Back in Action with Cameron Diaz and Glenn Close. Fortunately, the production of the highly anticipated film was not interrupted thanks to the use of body doubles and risk doubles to complete the scenes left pending by the Oscar winner.

Foxx’s hospitalization is a reminder that medical emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. It is essential to prioritize our health and take breaks when necessary to avoid high stress levels that can lead to complications.

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