Sevilla receives a fine and must pay Manchester City for the damage to its bus

Sevilla were fined 5,000 euros ($4,865) and asked to contact England’s Manchester City within 30 days to settle damages caused by the Spanish club’s supporters when they broke up a window of the team bus before last month’s match, European soccer’s governing body said on Tuesday.

UEFA also fined Celtic Glasgow 15,000 euros ($14,595) for displaying a provocative banner following the death of Queen Elizabeth II during the Champions League tie against Shakhtar Donetsk.

Last month’s match in Warsaw took place a week after the queen’s death and Celtic fans unfurled a banner which, according to UEFA’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body, carried a “message not fit for an event”. sports”.

While one of the banners contained an expletive directed at the royal family, another read “Sorry for your loss, Michael Fagan.”

The second was a sarcastic reference to the unemployed factory worker who entered the queen’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace in 1982 and briefly spoke to her before being ejected by security guards.

German club Borussia Dortmund were also fined €5,000 and asked to contact City to settle unspecified damage costs. City beat Sevilla and Borussia in both group stage games.

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