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Sex Education: the couple who would have to take center stage in the third season

Sex Education It is one of the shows that marked a before and after for the streaming giant, Netflix. It is successful for both specialized critics and audiences. A true demonstration of best practices in producing modern TV. The program is focused on Otis Milburno (Asa Butterfield) and her amateur sexuality therapy service, a task that sometimes doesn’t work out as well as she would like. The young man has a relationship, which could well be romantic, with Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey).

Fans of the series hope that these characters express their feelings and move to the next level. While they make up their minds, another couple can take center stage and tell an emotionally charged story. We talk about Eric (Friend Gatwa) and the ex-bully Adam (Connor Swindells). After an unexpected sexual encounter between them in the first season, the couple was separated for a while.

Eric and Adam deserve more prominence in Sex Education

However, after dealing with fears and the possibility of self-acceptance, Adam declared his love to Eric in front of the whole school during a performance of Romeo and Juliet. Cheesy enough? The truth is that season 3 of the series will find this couple as one of the main attractions of the offer that Sex Education propose to your audience.

The plot between Eric y Adam it is fascinating from many points of view. On the one hand, it is a different approach to psychology around sexuality in ways that the relationship of Otis y Maeve they could never reach. The evolution of Adam, which goes from an emotional tension for what he is living, to looking for Eric.

The conflict between Eric y Adam in the second season of the show he found them separated and in an unstable relationship. It will be interesting to see the development of these characters now that, apparently, they are in the same “page” and they can live a love story free from prejudice and accepting themselves as they are.

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