Sex Education third season, everything you want to know

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The release date of Sex Education tercera temporada will be the next September 17 on Netflix, and will give continuity to everything that Otis will have to face not only in his school and furtive love relationships that keep him very active, but also having to deal with his pregnant mother.

But it’s not all, too it will be known what happened to the message that Isaac deleted from Maeve’s cell phone in which the young protagonist declared all his love to him at the end of the last installment. It is expected that this message will apparently come to light and many secrets and intrigues will be discovered that in turn will trigger other types of situations.

Not a long time ago The Truth News announced that Netflix leaked the first images and release date of Sex Education 3, so we can expect more fun and good entertainment in this long-awaited youth series that explores sexuality at all its levels and openly.

In Sex Education third season it will also be seen how Eric and Adam will carry their relationship smoothly, despite the fact that his father, the strict director of the school, is still in disagreement with the decision or sexual preference of his son whom he tried to educate with the stricter sexist norms.

It is also expected that Ola and Lily decide to continue exploring their relationship, which is an example of the sexual diversity that today more than ever is present in youth.

But especially in Sex Education third season will seek to give a message of union and inclusion, as well as the freedom that there is to choose what is really desired for the well-being of each of the adolescents who now more than ever are curious not only in their professional future, but also in the love sphere.

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Since the Netflix series began with the production of season 3, it was clear that it will seek to achieve the happiness or sexual fulfillment of its protagonists, since this is the central axis of this story.

But Sex Education third season Not only will he talk about inclusion, but he will touch on the subject of bullying. For example, Aimee who in the company of her friends will overcome her traumatic experience of bullying that is very commonly seen in today’s society in which more and more cases of abuse or intimidation are presented.

They will show support or solidarity for those who have not raised their voices and have come out ahead in this type of situation. Hence, beyond presenting irreverent and experimental characters, also actions that serve as a guide to orient the public on how to face each experience with which they can feel identified.

In the third installment of Sex Education, the actors will be seen in a more mature position and willing to discover or define their future in relationships that now more than ever seem to have a more decisive north.

They will show other aspects of how a mature woman like Jean will cope with her middle-aged pregnancy and if she will really be willing to commit to Jacob in order to have a happy ending.

Jean in Sex Education third season, will seek to establish a relationship that although she is happy, she does not want to bend her arm, because she considers that it represents a danger for her and her emotional stability in which she has created a barrier to avoid getting hurt.

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