Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield denounced public harassment from fans

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The third season of Sex Education It has already been available on the Netflix streaming service for more than a week, calming the anxiety of fans to see the new episodes. While it can already be considered a success for what is broadcast and its importance to adolescents, recent statements by Asa Butterfield They make us think that behind the scenes all is not well.

The actor plays high school student Otis Milburne and just starred in the third installment alongside Gillian Anderson and Emma Mackey. His character returned totally changed for the new chapters, in a Moordale institute that seeks to be modified by the arrival of a director who will try to impose its rules. At the moment a season 4 has not been confirmed, but the platform is expected to report it.

+ Asa Butterfield reported public harassment

Otis is one of the show’s favorite characters, as well as the actor who plays it. However, not everything is going as expected, since He has just shown annoyance with his fans after saying that they filmed and photographed him on the street in an invasive way, without their consent. His download was made through social networks for all his followers.

On his official Twitter profile he wrote: “I’m very tired of people filming me or taking pictures of me without asking while I go out at night. In fact, it kills my mood and my night, fuck you, leave me alone.”. After these words, he again made clear what happened: “Tweeting this from a taxi home after I had to hit several phones tonight”. One user replied: “That’s what being a celebrity is all about, if you don’t choose another career.”, to which Butterfield sarcastically replied: “Wow, I had no idea, thanks for reminding me”.

Exposing celebrities to fans has been a recurring theme, especially when you’re so young. Here we will remember the case of Millie Bobby Brown, also a Netflix star for Stranger Things. The actress deleted her TikTok account without first recounting an incident with her fans in tears, in which they chased her and asked for photos: “I still find fame overwhelming. When you push me to my limit for a photo, I have the right to say no”.


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