Sex / Life Star Revealed How The Series’ Most Viral Scene Was Filmed

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Sex/Life turned one month on the Netflix screen and still ranks as lthe second most viewed series on the platform worldwide. Its plot and performances still give something to talk about, but without a doubt the most viral within its eight episodes is still the scene with the nude of Adam Demos. The actor explained how it was filmed and answered the question that everyone was asking. What did he say?

The show became a trend because it included an explicit image among its sex sequences. Precisely in episode 3 from minute 19:50 when the body without clothes of the character Brad Simon appears while he was bathing in the showers. While the writers’ decision caused controversy, a Spoiler poll found that 56% liked it.

Among the comments generated by the nude, viewers wondered if the actor had used a prosthesis, if the scene had been digitally retouched or if they had used a double for that moment. Demos made statements with Entertainment Weekly and maintained that all the sequences where he appears were made by him.

“I agreed with that because you read the script and you know what you’re getting into from the beginning, so I don’t think you would sign up for a show after reading the scripts and then say no at the last minute. That doesn’t mean that he can’t have discussions about the comfort level, which they allowed us to have, and with the privacy coordinator, so he felt much safer “He indicated when asked about the time of the shower.

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How was the famous Sex / Life scene filmed?

For the hottest parts of Sex / Life, the Netflix series used intimacy coordinators, as did other productions like Sex Education, Euphoria, and Bridgerton. Demos detailed what the work consisted of to achieve greater comfort: “You talk about everything: from hand movements to breathing. In sex scenes, breathing is an emotional thing, so you are discussing that journey, but then you are also discussing each individual’s comfort level. We were lucky. that the environment they created for us was incredible. Our privacy coordinator was incredible. “.

Finally, the 36-year-old Australian interpreter responded to the controversies that the show generated and said that it is not only about sex, but about “options” individual. “It’s about going left when you could have gone right. It’s about desire.”, he concluded.

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