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Sexyy Red Alleges Her 4 President Tour Is Being Sabotaged by Big Companies

Sexyy Red on tour

Completing a successful tour run is no easy feat, and Sexyy Red is declaring that she’s not getting the fair support her endeavor deserves. On Monday (July 8), a tweet from @ArtOfDialogue claimed “only 37.11%” of her total Sexyy Red 4 President Tour tickets have been sold so far and that the tour is on the verge of being cancelled. The “Get It Sexyy” rapper quickly caught wind of the post and shut down the claim.

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“Dis how Dey try to do u wen u go wit an independent promoter n the bigger companies try to sabotage u we not cancelling sht,” she fired back. She then revealed that the promotion company she partnered with is Black-owned, and that’s why she believes the “bigger companies” are deliberately working against her.

She continued in another post, “I did my touring deal with a black promoter black owned company AG Entertainment and now Dey playin dirty paying pages spreading fake news to discourage my fans from buying tickets.”

Due to the wording of her tweet, some fans thought she was placing the blame on the Black-owned company. Rap Alert hopped in the comments to provide clarification, writing, “Y’all misinterpreting her tweet. She not blaming the Black owned company she basically saying the other companies trying to spread false narratives about the tour because she working with them.”

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Other fans weren’t buying Sexyy Red’s “excuse.” “You need to seriously come to terms. Low-ticket sales are bc of you and your team. No one else, let’s be real here. Using others as an escape goat. Good one,” wrote one user as another commenter added, “Babe they ain’t spreading fake news… check Ticketmaster.”

The St. Louis spitter announced the Sexyy Red 4 President Tour at the top of July, revealing the 26-date run will include stops in Oakland, Brooklyn, Orlando, and plenty more. The tour features Hunxho, Loe Shimmy, and Blakeiana as its opening acts and other special surprise guests are promised to be revealed along the way. Check out the full list of tour dates below.

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