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Sexyy Red Denies Tour Cancellation Rumors Over Alleged Low Ticket Sales

Rapper Sexyy Red recently addressed rumors concerning low ticket sales for her upcoming Sexyy Red 4 President tour. Despite claims of poor ticket performance, Red confidently dismissed the speculation of a potential cancellation. The tour, featuring artists like Hunxho and Loe Shimmy, is scheduled to run from late August to early October, covering at least 23 cities nationwide.

Speculation about the tour’s success began when a social media account reported that only 37.11% of tickets had sold, leaving over 85,000 tickets still available. This led to further rumors that the tour might be on the verge of cancellation. However, Red responded robustly on social media, asserting that her tour is progressing well and accusations of cancellation are baseless. She suggested that the negative rumors were spread by competitors or detractors attempting to undermine her success.

Despite the controversy, footage from recent performances shows enthusiastic crowds, contradicting claims of low interest. Red also hinted at challenges from larger industry players, suggesting that her choice of an independent promoter may have incited attempts to sabotage her tour’s success. This narrative of overcoming industry barriers resonates with her fans, who continue to show strong support online.

Sexyy Red remains a significant figure in the music scene, with a dedicated fan base eager to see her perform live. As the tour dates approach, the true measure of her ticket sales success will become evident, potentially disproving the rumors and solidifying her status in the industry.

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