Shadow Man Remastered details its release date on consoles

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Shadow Man Remastered debuted a few months ago on PC by Night Dive Studios. It is the new and improved version of the title launched by Acclaim more than 20 years ago. Despite confirming its arrival on all current consoles, to date we did not know when it would. But that has changed: PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch already have an official release date. It will be the January 13, 2022 for PlayStation consoles, while Nintendo’s hybrid will have to wait a bit longer until January 17. In the case of Xbox, it is not yet registered in the Microsoft store, but it is expected that it will do so imminently.

Here are the links to the official sites that detail their release date. In the case of PS5 and PS4 you can now add it to your wish list. At the moment, as far as Nintendo Switch is concerned, it already appears on the company’s page, although it still does not have a tab in the eShop.

The world of the dead

And that of the living! In Shadow Man, Michael LeRoi is forced to jump between the two planes as he searches for his little brother. A horror adventure in which action, puzzles and an accentuated exploration component are not lacking. One of its main hallmarks lies in the decision to include murderers in real world series as final bosses and its staging was a true declaration of intent: London, Jack the Ripper agreeing with a demonic entity while syou Moonlight by Beethoven.

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Shadow Man, the Acclaim title released in 1999, will arrive in its remastered version in the next few days. 13 from January (PS5 and PS4) and December 17 (Nintendo Switch). As far as Xbox consoles are concerned, the game is not yet listed in the Microsoft store. On PC it has already been available for several months.

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