Shadow Warrior 3 shows its action in a spectacular new gameplay

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Shadow Warrior 3 shows its action in a spectacular new gameplay

Shadow Warrior 3 was being asked and it was during the conference at E3 2021 of Devolver Digital, a firm specialized in the edition of independent games, when it has decided to appear again to show off its main hallmark: the most unbridled action . Flying Wild Hog, studio responsible for gaming, shows us a new and intense two-minute gameplay in which we can know some of its scenarios and enemies that we will have to face. Thanks to the video you can get an idea about the arsenal that we will have to erase everything that moves from the map.

Shadow Warrior 3: a long-awaited installment among action lovers

The franchise is characterized by its formula focused on the most frenetic action, in which there is no lack of countless hordes of enemies, the possibility of wielding weapons of all kinds and, of course, the amount of viscera scattered throughout the stages. The saga, which has two installments released to date, originally premiered in the year 1997.

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Shadow Warrior 3 was announced in the summer of last year, and although few details are known about its history, Devolver Digital has already made it clear that everything revolves around a dangerous dragon, whose capture appears to be an obsession for former corporate assassin Lo Wang and his former boss Orochi Zilla. Of course, during the journey in your search there will be no shortage of demons, undead, and large creatures … and no shortage of shotguns, swords, and crazy weapons.

Shadow Warrior 3 does not have a release date yet. The title, which is confirmed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, will try to reach stores sometime in 2021.

Source | Devolver Digital at E3 2021


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